The Practitioner

Daniel Ruggeri

Professional and Qualified BodyTalk Healer

A native Argentinian moved to Los Angeles, California at a very young age. After he finished school he started to work in management and executive positions in different corporations in the Travel, International Retailers, International Banking, Multilevel Marketing, Broadcasting, Media and General Financial Consulting Industries. Daniel has had different life encounters in which he has received many divine directions.
He discovered BodyTalk Systems back in 2005 by Dr. Janet Galipo, she is a Master and High Ranking BodyTalk Practitioner. After opening all his energetic points it was then when a new era for Daniel was beginning. Aside of BodyTalk he received the Power of Lily and Beyond from a Master Medium named Ramon Rodriguez who taught him many methods including the Kundalini Techniques and Divine Energy. The doors opened widely to be receptive to spiritual guides and develop psychic abilities that has help him though his practice and techniques to help many people and also to be able to do distance healing to patients that are far away. In 2013 Daniel had the opportunity to visit John Of God in Brazil and dedicated significant amount of time learning the dynamics and functions of the Crystal Bed and the power of the Crystal Healing Therapy. He has assisted in different courses of BodyTalk Systems in the US and now he has his own practice leaving the corporate world to work full time helping people to balance their life, body and soul.

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